29 dec. 2011

Hollister Haul!

Hey dolls!
Tuesday I went to the Centro in Oberhausen, that's the biggest mall in Europe. I live in Holland and there aren't any Hollister or Abercrombie&Fitch stores here, so we went to Germany. I waited in line for about 15 minutes, but that was okay cause there was a hot guy standing in front of the store ;)
The first thing I got is this plaid shirt, it's pink with green, blue and black stripes. It's supersoft and comfy! It originally was €54 but it was on sale for €43,20.
The next thing I got are these lounge sweatpants. They're navy and supercomfy, I love them! They were originally €36 but they were on sale for €28,80.
The last thing I got was this no-closure cardigan, the pics I took are all blurry so I just used one from the website. It's in a really pretty light grey colour, and it has some cute ruffles. This was €54.

I'm really happy with the stuff I got!

17 dec. 2011

My Fast Morning Make Up Routine

Hey beauties!

I am so sorry for not posting! I was sick, I had sinusitis and mono. But whatever, I thought I'd tell you my morning routine. I honestly hate getting up early, and you shouldn't talk to me at all. I'm like Grumpy! So I try to do my make up really fast so I can sleep longer :)

1. First I clean my face with Nivea Stay Clear tonic
2. Then I apply Sephora Light Veil foundation with my fingers
3. Over that I apply Sephora Radiant Loose Powder
4. I use a Sephora Flashy liner in Deep Black to make a winged eyeliner
5. I curl my lashes
6. Then I apply 2 coats of L'oreal million lashes mascara
7. And to finish of my look I use Infallible Never Fail Plumping Lipgloss in Plump Red

This usually takes me 10 minutes.
I hope you liked it