26 sep. 2011

Dress like Ashley Tisdale

Hey girlies!
I always love what Ashley Tisdale wears, so I decided I would make a Dress Like Ashley Tisdale blog, I hope you like it!
I found the exact cardigan that Ashley is wearing it's from Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent and you can buy it here. It's $215, very pricey but oh so pretty!
Ashley is wearing black skinny jeans, I don't know the exact brand but I found a pair that really looks like Ashley's. They're from Levi's and you can buy them here.
 I found a coral top that looks like the one that Ashley is wearing under her grey top. It's from Forever21 and you can get it here.
 As you can see Ashley is wearing a grey tanktop over the coral top. I found one that's also from Forever21 you can buy it here.
Ashley is wearing a pair of cute sandals from Havaianas, you can get them here.

Leave a comment below telling me what celebrity style you like the best. xoxo

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