24 sep. 2011

My fave youtube gurus!

Hey dolls!
Today I'm gonna show you my favourite youtubers, and what videos of them I like the most.
Elle Fowler: I love Elle! She's so pretty and funny! Her main channel is AllThatGlitters21 and her vlog channel is EllesGlitterGossip. Her little sister Blair is also a youtube beauty guru, they have a blog together elleandblair.com it's one of my fave websites it's a great community for girls who love all things girly :) I chose this video because it's really funny.
Blair Fowler: So this is Elle's sister Blair, I love her too she has a great personality and makes really heplful tutorials. Her channels are Juicystar07 (main channel) and otherjuicystar07 (vlog channel). She and Elle also have a webshop called GlitzyGlam where they sell a lot of cute personalized stuff! They also have a line of phone cases for Cellairis.
This video is my favourite because I really love the look!<3
cutepolish: I don't know what her real name is, sorry. But anyway this is my favourite nail art tutorial channel, her videos are amazing! She explains everything very well, and makes the hardest nail art easy. This is her channel. This is my fave tutorial she's done so far.
Jarmaine Santiago: you love her or you hate her, I love her. She's probably the funniest youtube guru! Her videos are like comedy shows, I always lmao. I chose this video because it's so true and inspiring (and of course funny like all her videos). Her main channel is JLovesMac1 she also has vlog channel called JarmaineTV .
Nikki Phillippi: Nikki is also very funny! (guess I really like that in youtubers) She makes videos about beauty, fashion and hair on her channel NikkiPhillippi and she also has a comedic/vlog channel NikkiPhillippiTake2

I hope you liked it, tell me who your favourite youtubers are in the comments below!

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