22 okt. 2011

L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara Review

Hey lovelies!
(I have the waterproof version that's why it's blue, the normal one is black.
I've used my L'Oreal Million Lashes mascara for over a month now, and I'm really loving it! I really recommend getting this. In the US it's only $7! It's so unfair, I live in the Netherlands and here it's €17 which is more than $23 so that's more than 3 times more expensive.

What L'Oreal says:
For lashes that look a million times multiplied and perfectly defined, there’s only one mascara - NEW Voluminous® Million Lashes™. The built-in Clean Sweep Wiping System wipes the brush free of clumps leaving the perfect amount of mascara for an ultra-volumized clean lash look. The Millionizing Brush evenly thickens lashes from root to tip. The result? Lashes look so multiplied, so clean, it’s like seeing millions.

Ophthalmologist-tested and allergy-tested.
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

My eye with 1 coat:

 My eye with a few more coats:
L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara definately does it's job well! Of course it doesn't give you a million lashes, but that would look pretty scary I think. It gives me a lot of volume and definately lengthens my lashes. The mascara is easy to apply and doesn't clump. The under lashes are a little harder to apply it to because the brush is very big and there often comes mascara on my skin. The excess wiper also works fine but I still have to scrape the tip, because that doesn't go through the excess wiper I think that's because it's too little. I will definately buy it again!
- gives great volume
- adds length
- nice packaging
- doesn't clump
- buildable for the desired effect
- brush is al little too big for under lashes
- the price in my country
I hope you found this helpful!

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  1. Hey there! I have tried the regular, non-waterproof version of this and though that it was just okay. It wasn't anything too special to me, but I think I might be willing to try the waterproof version after hearing that the two formulas differ quite a bit!