3 okt. 2011

My Winter Wishlist

Hey lovelies!
I decided to do a ''Winter Wishlist'' of what clothes I really want to have.
GUESS? Top: I really like the color and the sequined pocket of this top
Forever21 Speckled Banded Hem Top: I like the shape of this top and I love this color
Forever21 Longline Geo Cardigan: I love the cozy look and the pattern
Abercrombie hoodie Carter: I always love Abercrombie, their clothes are so comfortable and pretty.
Topshop Laser Cut Mettalic Lined Kimono: I like the detailing of this kimono
Ralph Lauren Jeans: I really like that they look like jeggings but they're actually jeans
GUESS? Top: I always fall in love with tops like this, I don't know why but something just attracts me in tops like this one!

I hope you liked it, please leave a comment below telling me what's on your winter wishlist!

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